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ClearRisk provides a full suite of integrated, cloud-based claims and risk management software solutions built for municipalities.

ClearRisk’s CEO and Founder, Craig Rowe, was a municipal Risk Manager prior to starting ClearRisk in 2006. Using his expertise along with our partners and municipal risk management colleagues, ClearRisk was designed and continues to be enhanced to reduce the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) for municipalities by enabling a streamlined and systematic approach to risk management processes and procedures.

ClearRisk currently boasts over 300 municipal customers. Our team understands what is needed for a municipality like yours to best serve its citizens and employees. By having access to better data, your municipality will be positioned to create a safer environment while lowering the likelihood and severity of potential risks.

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ClearRisk is offering AMO members an accessible, comprehensive, risk management platform to streamline the processing and analysis of claims, incidents, and exposure information. Coupled with robust reporting functionality, members can identify key trends in their data to reduce TCOR and enhance risk management programs throughout the municipality.



Empowering Risk Managers and Senior Management.

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*Municipalities in the Tier 2 & 3 population range can upgrade to a higher tier based on their needs

Note: pricing show below is for the 2024 calendar year. Pricing incurs a 5% annual increase.


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