Ten Risk Management Tips

For Managing Retail Risk 

Top Ten Tips

that you can implement today!

Retail is Risky

Effectively managing the risks involved in operating a retail business can be daunting, but this whitepaper will give you 10, simple tips that you can use to start mitigating that risk today.

Understanding the Risks

Every tip is written to confront retail specific risks

Getting Started

You'll find easy ways to incorporate risk management into your daily schedule

Planning for the Future

We'll give you the tools you need so you can set yourself up for success

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About the Author: Craig Rowe, Founder and CEO of ClearRisk, has been in the risk and insurance industry since 1989. With over 25 years of experience in the risk management and insurance industry, and extensive work in industry associations such as the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), Craig has developed a revolutionary approach to risk management. Author of the ebook Insurance Premiums are Killing my Business: Controlling Insurance and Claims Costs for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses, Craig has presented his idea that risk management simply "involves formalizing best practices that businesses already employ but don't think of as risk management" throughout Canada and the USA. Read more on ClearRisk's CEO & Founder here

About ClearRisk: ClearRisk is a Canadian Claims, Incident, and Risk Management Software Provider based in St. John's, NL. Implemented within over 120 Canadian organizations of varying industries, ClearRisk provides enterprise quality claims and risk applications at mid-market prices, enabling clients to manage their claims and risk better, easier, and more cost effectively. 


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